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what is vlsi

What is VLSI?

The method of merging millions of MOSFET together  onto a single chip is known as very large-scale integration (VLSI). VLSI got its start in the

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what is lithography in vlsi


A wide range of products like smart phones and electrical appliances are shrinking in size and becoming more useful, and they are already a part

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What is PVT in VLSI
VLSI Topics

What Is PVT In VLSI?

A question that confuses many students is what is PVT in VLSI? PVT is an acronym for Process, Voltage, and Temperature. We model chips at …

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End Cap Cells in VLSI
VLSI Topics

End Cap Cells In VLSI

The gate of the standard cells put at the border during chip manufacture has a significant likelihood of being damaged. We have a specific type …

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Temperature Inversion in VLSI
VLSI Topics

Temperature Inversion In VLSI: A Comprehensive Overview

Every VLSI interview and exam includes a question that frequently gives many aspirant candidates and students nightmares. The concept of temperature inversion, although a straightforward …

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introduction to vlsi circuits and systems
VLSI Topics

Quick Introduction To VLSI Circuits And Systems

Over the past few decades, the electronics sector has experienced tremendous expansion, predominantly due to the accelerated development of large-scale integration technologies and system design …

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vlsi circuit
VLSI Topics

Master the Art Of VLSI Circuits

The method of building an integrated circuit (IC) by fitting thousands of transistors onto a single chip is known as VLSI (very large-scale integration). When …

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