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All You Need to Know About Netlist in VLSI!

Netlist contains the electrical connections between the components on the circuit board and is usually held in a textual format. In an electronic circuit netlist is the description of the connectivity of an electronic circuit it contains the list of all the electronic components in a circuit and the nodes they are connected to circuits. A net or network is a collection of two or more interconnected components in an electronic design. Read further to know more about Netlist in VLSI.

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RTL Netlist vs Synthesized Netlist 

The RTL code of the design module is transformed into gate level netlist through the process of synthesis. Synthesis is the most curricular step in chip designing among all other steps.  During the synthesis process, one can visualize the designs which will appear after manufacturing. The functionality of a device written in a language such as Verilog or VHDL is called RTL. If it can be synthesized to convert into a gate-level description. After synthesizing an RTL we get a netlist which is the gate-level description of the device.

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Flat Level Netlist vs Hierarchical Netlist 

Flat networks are designed to reduce the number of switches in a computer or design. It has a single device that connects the rest of the components. The debugging capacities are limited in a flat netlist, additionally, a synthesis tool can be used to optimize the circuit better.

In a hierarchical design, the design is separated using different switches. Moreover, the hierarchical network is separated into distinct layer switches each later performing a series of functions that defines its role in the network.

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