The Fundamentals of ASIC Verification Course

ASIC Verification course features topics like ASIC Verification Methodologies, Advanced Verilog for Verification, SystemVerilog, UVM, Assertion Based Verification – SVA, Verification Planning and Management, Code and Functional Coverage, Perl scripting language, and VIP coding style. The Advanced ASIC Verification course [VLSI VM] educates engineers on verification approaches and prepares them to work as ASIC Verification […]

Career growth for a DFT Engineer

DFT or “Design For Testability” is a technique, which facilitates a design to become testable after production. It is the extra logic which we put in the normal design, during the design process, which helps its post-production testing. DFT is independent of design verification. Verification is required to verify the functionality of the chip while […]